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Street Chariot®

Facilitating urban waste management

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Makes operators’ work a lighter task

  • Several compartments to facilitate the introduction and transportation of work tools.
  • The front door enables two 90L containers to be installed.

Better ergonomics for greater convenience

  • Very lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre.
  • The smooth panels facilitate cleaning.

Enhancing your community’s image

  • Solid panels for a modern, aesthetically-pleasing product.
  • Customisation on request.
  • Two 90LSulo bins without wheels.
  • One 35L Modulobac® without a handle.
  • White ideogram label.
  • Panels and door made of LHDPE (linear high-density polyethylene), recyclable and recycled, rotationally-moulded, impact- and UV-resistant.
  • Metal accessories made of hot-dipped galvanised steel.
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Options: customisation zones on request.

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Emptying and maintenance
  • Easy positioning and removal of the two containers via the front door of the cart.
  • Positioning and removal of the Modulobac® via the rear section.
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